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New Site Techstream Aims To Connect Students To IT Careers

Mimi Thian
Techstreamiowa.org lists various computer oriented activities around the state.

Iowa has a labor shortage of technology professionals. In hopes of creating more enthusiam for the IT field, the Technology Association of Iowa is launching a statewide database designed to connect K-through-12 students to computer-related programs and events. 

The website is called Techstream.It lists various computer oriented activities around the state, such as cyber security clubs and coding sessions.

“In Waterloo, there’s a Girl Scout program up there where they’re doing cyber security specifically. If you go to Cedar Rapids, kids on Wednesday nights can do computer coding called Computer Dojo," says TAI President Brian Waller.

Waller wants Iowa students to be creators of technology, not just consumers of it.

"We’re hoping that with this fabric of different outposts of computer science and technology activities and programming, that they’re going to build a community and learn from each other," he said. "Really the end goal we would love to see is computer science in the core curriculum for the state of Iowa.”

Waller says connecting students to technology classes, workshops and events may encourage more young people to enter the IT field.