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No Witnesses To Verify An Assault Against The Hawkeye Band Took Place

Rob Dillard

Investigators at Iowa State University say they have been unable to substantiate allegations that Cyclone fans physically assaulted members of the University of Iowa band following the annual Cy-Hawk football game.

ISU officials say no witnesses have come forward to confirm the charges.

Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard concedes there were verbal confrontations and some beer thrown as both fans and the Hawkeye band squeezed through a crowded exit at Jack Trice Stadium.

However, he says he has heard from no one who saw anything more serious.

“If something other than what we’re aware of happened, then we need to be made aware of it," Pollard says. "Because if something horrific did happen, and we have no indication that it did other than some misinformation that’s out there.”

Pollard describes the scene as no different from what the ISU band experiences in Iowa City.

“Our fans need to a better job policing our fans, but so do the Iowa fans," he says. "This has got to be a collective approach to not let that type of behavior happen.”

Pollard places some of the blame on the band itself for choosing to march out a crammed exit instead of one that was wide open. 

He says he and University of Iowa athletic director Gary Barta remain 100 percent committed to continuing the Cy-Hawk football rivalry.