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Wade In The Water Ep. 12: From Local Community To Nation, Post-WWII Quartet Tradition

Pilgrim Travelers, circa 1970.
Michael Ochs Archives
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Pilgrim Travelers, circa 1970.

Wade in the Water is a 26-part series, originally released in 1994, that celebrates African American sacred music and traditions. To learn more about the series, click here . For more episodes click here or listen on the go with the NPR One app.

The networks that helped to unify the African American community as a people and bring the music to a national audience.

Song List

  • Harmonizing Four, "Wade in the Water"
  • Pilgrim Travelers, "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well"
  • Pilgrim Travelers, "Gospel Boogie"
  • Soul Stirrers, "Walk Around"
  • Soul Stirrers, "Jesus, I'll Never Forget"
  • Sam Cooke, "Until Jesus Calls Me Home"
  • The Chosen, "Prayer for the Doomed"
  • Spirit of Memphis Quartet, Carnation Milk Spot
  • Spirit of Memphis Quartet, "Every Day and Every Hour"
  • Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, "Our Father"
  • Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, "Save a Seat for Me"
  • Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, "On the Battlefield"
  • Sensational Nightingales, "Somewhere to Lay My Head"
  • Sensational Nightingales, "See How They Done My Lord"
  • Swan Silvertones, "My Rock"
  • Swan Silvertones, "Heavenly Light Shine on Me"
  • Dixie Hummingbirds, "Christian Automobile"
  • Various Quartets, "Go Out to the Programs"
  • Wade in the Water was produced by Judi Moore Latta and Sonja Williams.

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