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2014 Voter Guide

2014 Voter Guide

In an effort to provide voters with information about the candidates in the 2014 primary elections, Iowa Public Radio staff contacted the Democratic and Republican candidates competing in Iowa’s open congressional races. 

Each of the candidates who responded to our inquiries was interviewed and asked the same basic questions.  We’ve provided their answers, and in some cases, the audio of those answers.  The complete interviews are also available.  Please note that none of the candidate claims have been fact-checked. Click on the candidate’s name to see the information, or scroll through the postings below.

US Senate:                    
(Replacing Senator Tom Harkin)                   

Republican:                                                                         Democrat:
Sam Clovis                                                                               Bruce Braley
Joni Ernst
Mark Jacobs
Scott Schaben
Matt Whitaker

US House:                

First Congressional District:              
(Replacing Representative Bruce Braley)               

Republican:                                                                         Democrat:
Rod Blum                                                                                 Swati Dandekar
Gail Boliver                                                                              Anesa Kajtazovic
Steve Rathje                                                                             Pat Murphy
                                                                                                    Dave O'Brien
                                                                                                    Monica Vernon

Third Congressional District:              
(Replacing Representative Tom Latham)             

Republican:                                                                         Democrat:
Robert Cramer                                                                        Staci Appel
Joe Grandanette
Matt Schultz
Monte Shaw
David Young
Brad Zaun