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Culturetopia: Streisand Edition

Barbra Streisand! Barbra Streisand! Barbra Streisand! It’s fun to say! So fun, in fact, that Babs' name constitutes the only lyric to a European club hit. So naturally, one of our hosts talks to one of the DJs who made "Barbra Streisand" a viral sensation. That's in this week's Culturetopia.

Our weekly compendium of the very best arts and culture stories also includes an interview with Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, whose latest film is a bit of a change of pace from his vibrant, visually expansive Slumdog Millionaire. It takes place in a hole. A crevasse, to be exact, wherein lies a trapped hiker played by James Franco who must cut off his own arm to escape. 127 Hours is based on a true story, if you somehow hadn't heard. Another high-wire act of dramatic adaptation we've got for you this week is a piece about the new musical The Scottsboro Boys that takes as its subject the trial of nine black teenagers falsely accused of rape in 1931.

New musicals? We love them. We especially love stories about them by NPR's man on Broadway. In a Culturetopia twofer, reporter Jeff Lunden delivers a sparkling look at Women on the Verge of A Nervous Breakdown, a new musical based on the 1988 film that first brought director Pedro Almodovar to international attention. And an iconic play that went in the opposite direction --from Broadway to the big screen -- has received mixed critical reception. That one would be For Colored Girls…

Last but never least, coverage of a real-life Quidditch World Cup. (If Muggles running around with broomsticks between their legs counts as Quidditch. )

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Neda Ulaby reports on arts, entertainment, and cultural trends for NPR's Arts Desk.