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Amina Figarova: Newport Jazz 2010

From Azerbaijan to the Netherlands, with a detour in the U.S. — it's the career path of pianist Amina Figarova. Somewhere along the way, she discovered her compositional calling updating the knotty, post-bebop jazz popularized in the 1960s. With her touring sextet of Dutch players, she made a U.S. tour stop at the CareFusion Newport Folk Festival in Newport, R.I.


  • Amina Figarova, piano
  • Ernie Hammes, trumpet
  • Marc Mommaas, tenor saxophone
  • Bart Platteau, flute
  • Jeroen Vierdag, bass
  • Chris Strik, drums
  • Set List

  • "Unacceptable"
  • "Four Steps"
  • "Ernie's Song"
  • "Sketches"
  • "On The Road"
  • "Back In NO"
  • "Flight Nr."
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