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26 Miles, 385 Yards

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It's Patriots' Day in Massachusetts. As I understand it, there are three ways to celebrate the holiday.

1. You can participate in, or watch, reenactments of important battles from the Revolutionary War (Concord and Lexington).

2. You can festoon your front door with bright flags and buntings

3. You can stand on a Boston sidewalk, holding orange slices and bottles of water, to cheer for endurance athletes.

My brother, an avid runner, is celebrating his second Patriots' Day today. He drove across Massachusetts, from Williamstown to Newton, to watch Robert Cheruiyot, Dire Tune, and some 25,000 other marathoners amble up Heartbreak Hill.

It wasn't as competitive as usual this year, he told me. (The London Marathon was last week, and America's best female marathoners ran yesterday, hoping to qualify for the Olympics.) But the streets were lined with spectators.

On today's program, we're going to talk about the marathon. Who runs them? Why do they do it? (I've asked myself this question over and over again.) And what's the best way to train for one? Marathoners John Bingham and Gabriel Sherman will join us to answer these questions, and field yours.

The marathon has become a badge of athleticism for hundreds of thousands.... Should it be? If you've run one, we'd love to hear your story.

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David Gura
Based in New York, David Gura is a correspondent on NPR's business desk. His stories are broadcast on NPR's newsmagazines, All Things Considered, Morning Edition and Weekend Edition, and he regularly guest hosts 1A, a co-production of NPR and WAMU.