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Citay: 'First Fantasy'

Citay features a sound as full as the lineup.
Citay features a sound as full as the lineup.

Citay is a nine-piece group from San Francisco that makes atmospheric, psychedelic folk rock. The group's latest release, Little Kingdom, features the song "First Fantasy", which showcases Citay's lush vocals and dream-baroque instrumentation.

Soaring, ethereal harmonies blend seamlessly with complex, polyphonic instrumentation. But Citay doesn't offer much of a lyrical narrative. The group doesn't make literary folk rock. Instead they captivate listeners with their instrumentation more than words.

Originally a solo studio project by multi-instrumentalist Ezra Feinberg (formerly of Piano Magic), Citay eventually evolved into a full band after accumulating contributing musicians and is still growing.

Feinberg cites '60s and '70s psychedelic art rock bands as influences. The inspiration is clear but the music is modern enough to avoid sounding old or tired. Instead of indulging in heavy, ominous jams like their psychedelic predecessors, or stories and simple chord progressions, like other psych-folk bands, Citay has a more flowery, lighter and cohesive sound.

Citay signed with the Dead Oceans label in July 2007. They have an upcoming national tour planned for March which includes two dates at SXSW 2008.

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