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Mike "Frontrunner" Huckabee

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For the first time in many months, a lot of attention is on Gov. Mike Huckabee, from Arkansas. Early on, he enjoyed little support. Now he's ahead of Sen. John McCain in Iowa polls. Hendrick Hertzberg, of The New Yorker magazine, charted Huckabee's rise in this fine piece. "His manner and appearance are reassuringly ordinary. When he smiles or laughs, which is often, his dimpled face looks interestingly like that of Wallace, of Wallace & Gromit." Ken Rudin, NPR's political editor -- and our "Political Junkie" -- will join us, as he does every Wednesday, to take your campaign questions. He's eager to talk about Huckabee, Republican members of Congress who aren't seeking reelection, and celebrity political endorsements (Oprah Winfrey announced that she will hit the campaign trail for her friend, Sen. Barack Obama, and Barbra Streisand said she's going to support Sen. Hilary Clinton). But he's open to anything, of course! What questions do you have for Ken?

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