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In 2003, the American Journalism Review asked, "Whatever Happened to Afghanistan?" The author of the piece, Lori Robertson, concluded that, "Without prominent media coverage, Afghanistan becomes an afterthought." It hasn't become one here, at NPR. Last year, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson joined the network, as a foreign correspondent, based in the country. Still, it has been a while since we devoted a show to Afghanistan. (We spoke to Jon Lee Anderson, of The New Yorker magazine, in July). On today's program, in the second hour, we'll be joined by Khaled Hosseini, prize-winning author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns; Sarah Chayes, formerly of NPR, a fine writer in her own right, and now a resident of Kandahar; and Seth Jones, of the Rand Corporation, an expert on nation-building. What questions do you have about Afghanistan? There are no dumb ones, truly. We're fortunate to have such an estimable panel of guests.

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