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A New Direction for Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole's latest CD is <em>Leavin'</em>
Natalie Cole's latest CD is Leavin'

Natalie Cole has made a name for herself by crafting fresh interpretations of jazz standards. But for her latest CD, she chose something different. Leavin' is an ecclectic mix of classic pop, R&B and rock songs by artists like Fiona Apple, Aretha Franklin and Sting.

"Leavin' represents a musical freedom that has given me the opportunity to explore the greatness in the songs of some of our most talented and gifted songwriters," says Cole. "It was a lot of fun to be able to put our spin on these songs and I think we were able to present a fresh new twist on some great music."

Covers on the album include Fiona Apple's "Criminal," Neil Young's "Old Man," and the Etta James inspired "Lovin' Arms."

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