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A Mission Statement Against Moping

The Adored may be from L.A., but it sounds like U.K. rock at its best.
The Adored may be from L.A., but it sounds like U.K. rock at its best.

At first glance, The Adored's debut sounds like further evidence of a tremendous renaissance in U.K. rock. The one problem with that observation: The group is from L.A. Which, come to think of it, is a great sign that power-pop fused with punk is thriving here, as well. Either way, The Adored is loads of fun, with abundant energy, hooks and cocky swagger, generated by a bunch of kids who weren't even alive when The Jam was hitting its stride.

In fewer than three minutes, "Tell Me Tell Me" showcases what The Adored is all about, from an over-arching philosophy (they're right; you're wrong; don't take anything too seriously) to a perfectly punchy power-pop sound. While it's sometimes difficult on A New Language to tell the difference between one song and the next, "Tell Me Tell Me" finds The Adored at its very best. It's a full-bore mission statement condemning moping in all its forms — "Deal with the pain or you'll be beat at your own game" — and it's hard not to buy into that philosophy when the music is this infectious.

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John Richards
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