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Two Minutes of Unabashed Energy

The Grates' music is infectiously and unabashedly enthusiastic.
The Grates' music is infectiously and unabashedly enthusiastic.

The manic pop energy of The Grates, much of it supplied by winsomely magnetic singer Patience Hodgson, is enough to flatten the landscape and all enemies that dare to resist. Formed in a band member's family's backyard — during a karaoke session in the garden shed, no less — The Grates recorded some rough tracks and found itself on the radio after piquing the interest of an influential DJ.

And with good reason: The Grates' music is infectiously and unabashedly enthusiastic, and "19-20-20" in particular is a joyous, high-spirited romp complete with swinging horns and a jackhammer chorus. Guitars jangle, drums stomp and Hodgson howls, shouts and yelps between verses, energy overflowing. Her stage presence is already becoming famous, as she interprets The Grates' sound as the soundtrack to a manic exercise video — prancing about the stage and throwing waist-high kicks, backed by an onslaught of pop hooks.

For listeners suffering from an overdose of cerebral rock, The Grates may be the perfect antidote. Undeniably catchy, the two-minute sugar rush of "19-20-20" is suitable to inspire hordes of bedroom dancers.

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Kathryn Yu
By day, Kathryn Yu is an Interaction Designer working for a marketing firm in New York City, toiling away at Web sites. By night, she's a freelance photographer and live-music addict. Her photography has appeared in publications like Pitchfork,, Thrillist, Gothamist, and more. She often forgets to blog at, and is also making a movie.