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Tilly and the Wall: Tapping into Hearts

Tilly and the Wall.
Tilly and the Wall.

The first thing listeners will probably notice about the indie-pop band Tilly and the Wall is its use of tap-dancing in place of drumming. While that helps set it apart from its peers, it's the Omaha natives' infectious blend of girl-group vocal harmonies, brash rock and tightly constructed pop that makes it far more than the sum of its gimmicks.

After touring with the likes of Bright Eyes, Of Montreal and Rilo Kiley, the band recorded Bottoms of Barrels, an album that finds Tilly and the Wall continuing to develop the sugar-sweet indie-pop sound heard on its fine debut. More assured than its predecessor, the disc is flush with hooky melodies, gorgeous orchestration and irrepressibly good-natured fun.

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