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Guster: Power-Pop, but with Bongos


If any band knows the power a strong fan base can have, it's Guster: The Boston trio rose from obscurity to national renown mostly through word of mouth. For almost 15 years, Guster has won fans with its lush harmonies and infectious percussion, and by continually reinventing its energetic live shows.

A chance meeting during their freshman year at Tufts University led Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller and Brian Rosenworcel to form a band built around two acoustic guitars and a set of bongos. Growing popularity in Boston helped them land a major-label record deal in 1998, and the albums that followed -- Lost and Gone Forever and Keep It Together -- generated commercial airplay with singles such as "Fa Fa" and "Amsterdam." The new Ganging Up on the Sun, Guster's first studio album in three years, finds the group expanding both its lineup and its subtly unusual sound.

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