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'Set Yourself On Fire' with Montreal's Stars

The Montreal-based indie-rockers in the band Stars have just released their third album, Set Yourself On Fire. The album blends horns and striking keyboard effects to produce songs that are imaginative and melodic.

After first collaborating in New York City, the Stars quartet moved to Montreal -- a pattern followed by another successful act, the Arcade Fire. Stars became part of the eclectic hotbed of music that has spawned groups like the Unicorns and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Along with Torquil Campbell as a co-lead singer and Chris Seligman playing keyboards, Stars also shares some members with the Broken Social Scene, the Toronto collective that became an indie-rock phenomenon. Multi-instrumentalist Evan Cranley plays with the Broken Social Scene regularly, while Stars singer Amy Millan chips in. The two bands are even on the same label, Arts and Crafts.

The latest Stars release comes after 2003's Heart, an album that sold well in Canada, won critical acclaim -- but failed to take off in the United States. With Set Yourself On Fire coming after U.S. music fans have grown used to looking north for great bands, there's a good chance Stars will finally shine.

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