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NPR at La Jolla: Schub Plays Chopin, Ravel

Pianist Andre-Michel Schub.
Pianist Andre-Michel Schub.

NPR's Fred Child is on stage at the Bishop's School in La Jolla, Calif., for SummerFest 2004. He talks with pianist Andre-Michel Schub and the two are later joined by violinist and SummerFest Artistic Director Cho-Liang (Jimmy) Lin on violin.

The Schub-Lin duo is emblematic of this year's SummerFest theme: "all points on the compass." As Child points out, Lin is from Taiwan, Schub grew up in Brooklyn and they perform a Spanish dance by a French composer based on Cuban rhthyms.

First, Schub solos on Chopin's Waltz in A flat major. Lin then accompanies the pianist for Maurice Ravel's Piece in the Form of a Habanera.

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Fred Child
Fred Child is a commentator for NPR and the host of American Public Media's Performance Today.