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Gaby Kerpel, 16 Horsepower, Doug Wamble

Argentina's quirky, colorful Gaby Kerpel; Songs of sin and redemption from 16 Horsepower; The country libations of Doug Wamble; Ambient funk from Baltimore's Lake Trout.

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Gaby Kerpel, 16 Horsepower, Doug Wamble

Sé que No Vas a Volver

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Gaby Kerpel puts a playful, contemporary twist on traditional Argentine melodies.

American Wheeze

More than an alt-country group, Denver-based 16 Horsepower is fronted by David Eugene Edwards who sings dark tales of sin and obsession with plenty of biblical references.

If I Fall

Guitarist Doug Wamble is a jazz instrumentalist and blues singer who also dives into African American gospel. On this debut release he dabbles in a little of everything from swing and classical jazz to the avant garde.

Say Something

From Baltimore, Lake Trout started off playing their own mix of hip hop and jazz before becoming a progressive rock jam band, drawing influences from electronic music and drum and bass. Parts of their latest release here may remind you of Radiohead.