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Annoying Music for Springtime!

The snow is melting, flocks of birds are returning to their summer homes, and folks are drinking green beer... Spring is in the air!

That calls for another blast of annoying music, courtesy of Jim Nayder, exclusive consultant on truly awful music for NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday.

This time out, Nayder talks with NPR's Susan Stamberg one song for the Ides of March, two songs for St. Patrick's Day and a soundtrack for the long-awaited spring.

Nayder is host of The Annoying Music Show at WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio, and producer of these ear-splitting recordings:

The Annoying Music Show CD! (1999)

The Annoying Music Show HOLIDAY CD! (2000)

The Annoying Music Show Presents Songs For People CD! (2002)

Nayder vows that no annoying music is tested on animals before a broadcast:

"It's simply too dangerous, so I do it myself," says the very thoughtful Nayder.

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