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Stimulating the Economy

President Bush this week is slated to unveil his newest plan to stimulate the economy. Expect more tax cuts. Expect Republicans to support them and Democrats to object. Those are the politics of the situation, but what about reality? Join host Neal Conan and guests to discuss what a government can really do to fix a sluggish economy.

Don Gonyea
*NPR White House Correspondent at White House booth

Ev Ehrlich
*Undersecretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs in the first Clinton administration (1993-97)
*Senior Vice President & Director of Research for the Committee for Economic Development, a Washington-based economic policy think tank

Joel Slemrod
*Senior staff economist for tax policy on President Reagan's Council of Economic Advisers (1984-85)
*Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan Business School
*Director of the Office of Tax Policy Research, also at U of M Business School
*Author of Taxing Ourselves (MIT Press, 2000 2nd edition)

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