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Analysis of Colin Powell Remarks on Iraq

In his remarks Thursday, Secretary of State Colin Powell outlined the Bush Administration's response to Iraq's declaration on weapons of mass destruction. A panel of Iraq experts and journalists join host Neal Conan to discuss the progress of the weapons inspectors.


Michael Elliot
*Editor-at-Large, Time Magazine in New York, N.Y.

Edmund Ghareeb
*Distinguished Professor at the School of International Service at American University.
*Co-author of War in the Gulf, 1990-91: The Iraq-Kuwait Conflict and its Implications (Oxfor Univ. Press, paperback, 2001)

Raymond Zilinskas
*Former Weapons Inspector
*Senior Scientist, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Ian Black
*European Editor of The Guardian Newspaper, Brussels, Belgium

Jamal Khashoggi
*Deputy Editor of Arab News in Saudi Arabia

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Neal Conan
Award winning journalist Neal Conan was the final host of Talk of the Nation, which broadcast its final show on June 27, 2013.