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Gore & Lott

Former Vice President Al Gore will not run for president in 2004, and tonight Sen. Trent Lott will be on Black Entertainment Television to respond to criticism of comments he made celebrating Strom Thurmond's run for president 60 years ago on a segregationist platform. Join host Neal Conan for a discussion of where both the Democratic and Republican parties go from here.


Robert Kuttner
*Co-founder and co-editor of the American Prospect (magazine of international and economic policy)

Bruce Reed
*President of the Democratic Leadership Council

Alan Simpson
*former Republican Senator from Wyoming (1978-1996) 18 years in office
*Assistant Republican leader (1984-1994)

Orley Hood
*columnist and senior editor at the Jackson Clarion Ledger from Jackson, Mississippi

Merle Black
*Professor of Politics at Emory University
*Co-author (with brother Earl) of The Rise of Southern Republicans (Harvard University Press, 2002)

William Kristol
*editor, The Weekly Standard

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