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Can the Democrats Bounce Back?


Sen. Richard Durbin
*Democratic Senator from Illinois

Robert Reich
*Professor of Social & Economic Policy at Brandies University in Waltham, Mass.
*Secretary of Labor in Clinton Administration from 1993 to 1997

Dick Morris
*Political Analyst for Fox News
*Author Power Plays: Win or Lose, How History's Great Political Leaders Play the Game

Paul Begala
*Former Counselor to President Clinton
*Author, It's Still the Economy, Stupid

The Democrats took a hit at the polls this month. So now, it's time for regouping and soul searching. Join host Neal Conan as leading Democrats from the Clinton Administration talk about how they bounced back from a crushing mid term defeat in 1994. Can they do it again?

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Neal Conan
Award winning journalist Neal Conan was the final host of Talk of the Nation, which broadcast its final show on June 27, 2013.