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Kids & Drugs


Zili Sloboda
*Senior Researcher, Institute for Health and Social Policy, University of Akron, Ohio
*Former, Head of Epidemiology and Prevention Research, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Mathea Falco
*President of Drug Strategies, Washington, D.C. (non-profit research institute)

Richard Gallagher
*Director, The Parenting Institute at the New York University Child Study Center

No one ever said being a parent would be easy... and a recent study supports that. New survey results show that many parents are worried about protecting their child from negative social influences, like drugs and alcohol, and don't feel they're doing a good job teaching their kids how to resist such temptations. In this hour of Talk of the Nation, join Neal Conan for a look at the different drug prevention programs and how you can talk to your kids about drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

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Neal Conan
Award winning journalist Neal Conan was the final host of Talk of the Nation, which broadcast its final show on June 27, 2013.