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Digital Preservation

Guests: MARGARET HEDSTROM Associate Professor, School of Information University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan ROBERT WHITE University Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy Director, Data Systems Storage Center Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania BREWSTER KAHLE Founder, The Internet Archive San Francisco, California JIM MASON Rosetta Disk Project Manager The Long Now Foundation San Francisco, California This week, CNN announced plans to digitize all of its video archives, allowing quick access to thousands of hours of footage. The company Corbis has decided to move the Bettmann Archive of photographs into climate-controlled underground mines, buying time as archivists catalog and digitize the collection's millions of images. But how can we ensure that all this digital information is usable in decades to come? This hour, we'll take a look at the problems of preserving bits and bytes. Plus, designing a new Rosetta stone.

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