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The Rising High School Dropout Rate

Guests: JAMES MCPARTLAND Director, Center for the Social Organization of Schools at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland GERRY HOUSE President, Institute for Student Achievement Former Superintendent, Memphis Public Schools 1999 National Superintendent of the Year CHARLES HIGHSMITH Former, Principal of Strawberry Mansions High School, Philadelphia, PA MOHEENEY GRUNDY Was high achieving student until she got to high school in Berkeley, CA. Freshman year got involved with the "wrong" group of students who didn't study and didn't go to classes; she failed all of her courses that year and was in danger of not graduating on time. she eventually did graduate from Berkeley High School in May 2000, after two program interventions New studies show that in some urban high schools as many as half the students drop out before graduation. Despite efforts to keep kids in school, the high school dropout problem appears to be getting worse. Join Juan Williams and guests for a look at the growing rate of high school dropouts and what's being done about it. It's a special Talk of the Nation broadcast from The Newseum in Arlington, Virginia from NPR news.

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