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Gun Control: Is It Still Alive?

Guests: MARA LIASSON NPR's National Political Correspondent JONATHAN COWAN President of American for Guns Safety MICHAEL BARNES President of Handgun Control, Inc. STERLING BURNETT Senior Policy Analyst, National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas, Texas When a student in Santee, California went on a shooting spree last month, the response from Washington was decidedly low-key. There were no calls for tighter gun control measures from the White House or from Congress. The election of President Bush, a long-time ally of the National Rifle Association, explains some of the muted response. With the political landscape changing in Washington, gun control advocates have had to make changes in their own political strategies. Join Juan Williams and guests for a look at the changing politics of gun control. It's a special Talk of the Nation broadcast from the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia from NPR News.

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