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Human Cloning

Guests: RUDOLF JAENISCH Member, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research Professor, Biology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, Massachusetts PANOS ZAVOS Professor Emeritus, Reproductive Physiology and Andrology University of Kentucky Director, Andrology Institute of America Associate Director, Kentucky Center for Reproductive Medicine
and IVF
Lexington, Kentucky JEFFREY KAHN Director, Center for Bioethics University of Minnesota Minneapolis, Minnesota MARK EIBERT Patient Advocate Attorney San Mateo, California In the four years since Dolly the cloned sheep was born, scientists have cloned cows, pigs, mice, and goats. Though animal cloning has so far proven inefficient and error-prone, two scientists recently announced that they want to clone humans to help infertile couples become parents. In this hour, we'll talk about human cloning, and whether it's possible with today's technology.

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