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A Mir Retrospective

Guests: James Oberg Space Analyst Author, Red Star in Orbit (Random House, 1981), Houston, Texas Bryan Burrough Special Correspondent, Vanity Fair Author, Dragonfly : NASA and the Crisis Aboard Mir (Harperperrenial Library, 2000), New York, New York Norman Thagard Former NASA Astronaut Cosmonaut/Researcher, Russian Mir 18 Mission Professor and Director of College Relations, Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering, Tallahassee, Florida Space station Mir has been a symbol of many things: Russian determination ...a stepping stone to bigger and better colonies in space ...and the butt of a thousand jokes. Sometime next week, if all goes to plan, its long and checkered life will come to an end in a firey breakup over the South Pacific. This hour, we'll take a look back at the space station Mir.

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