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Superconductors/ Stem Cell Update

Guests: Robert Cava Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science, Princeton University Princeton, New Jersey Dr. Evan Snyder Assistant Professor, Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Neurology, Pediatrics and Neurosurgery, Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts Glenn Mcgee Editor in Chief, American Journal of Bioethics Associate Director for Education Assistant Professor, Bioethics, Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Scientists in Japan report finding a new superconducting material. It's a readily available compound that's been around since the 1950s, but no one thought to check if it was superconducting at low temperatures until now. In this hour, we'll talk about what the new superconductor might mean for technology such as magnetic resonance imaging. Plus, President Bush is expected to decide soon on whether federal funds can be used for research on stem cells taken from human embryos. We'll hear about promising new research in the field and talk about some of the ethical considerations of this work.

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