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Delayed Presidential Transition

GUESTS: PAUL LIGHT *Director of Governmental Studies, Brookings Institution C. BOYDEN GRAY *Former Director, Transition Counsel's Office for the George Bush Sr. transition team *Former Counsel to President Bush (1989-1993) MARK GEARAN *President, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York *Former Deputy Director of President-elect Clinton's transition team *Former Director of Communications and Deputy Chief of Staff (Clinton administration) It's been more than two weeks since the election and we still don't know who the next President is and the time between election day and Inauguration Day is critical. That's when the president-elect begins to assemble his transition team and get ready for his time in office. Top-level administration positions need to be chosen, the FBI needs to do background checks and thousands of people need to be hired to fill the lower levels of government. Join Juan Williams for a look at how the new President, whoever he is, will make up for lost time.

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