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Art-Science Overlap?

Guests: Caroline Jones Associate Professor, Art History Co-editor (with Peter Galison), Picturing Science, Producing Art (Routledge, 1998) Boston University Boston, Massachusetts Alexis Rockman Artist (Painter) Illustrator, Guyana (Author Katherine Dunn; Twin Palms Publishing, 1996) New York, New York Felice Frankel Co-author (with George Whitesides), On the Surface of Things (Chronicle Books, 1997) Artist-in-Residence in Science and Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Can art and science be combined or can they merely co-exist? How do artists interpret scientific findings--and are their interpretations valuable to society? When you look at a photograph, where does the science end and the art begin? Join us in this hour of Science Friday for a look at the borders between art and science.

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