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Talk of Iowa brings a mix of regular guests and a range of experts to the microphone to discuss what’s happening in Iowa and what makes this a special place to live. Guests include wildlife expert Jim Pease and the Hort Gang on Fridays.

Talk of Iowa is hosted by Charity Nebbe @CharityNebbe. It’s produced by Dennis Reese, Emily Woodbury @EmilyWoodbury, Lindsey Moon @lindseysmoon and Ben Stanton @StantonRadio. Our Executive Producer is Katherine Perkins. Our theme music is by The River Monks.

Sleep Doctor

Mar 23, 2010

We have our bi-monthly chat with Dr. Eric Dyken, Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

In fund-raising archive editions of the program, Jonathan Ahl discusses the major restoration underway in Mason City of the Park Inn, the last remaining Frank Lloyd Wright-designed hotel in the world. Later, Dennis Reese talks to Cherilyn Walley, author of "The Welsh in Iowa." (University of Wales Press)

Hort Friday

Mar 19, 2010

Our horticulture experts from Iowa State University are in the studio to answer your questions. Spring begins on March 20!

Movie Day

Mar 18, 2010

IPR's Rob Dillard talks to our movie pundit, Prof. Tom Beell of Iowa State University and award-winning movie maker, Andy Brodie of Iowa City.

Politics Wednesday

Mar 17, 2010

IPR's Jonathan Ahl speaks with Steffen Schmidt, Iowa State University Political Science Professor, and Arnie Arnesen, political commentator from New Hampshire.

Walk into your backyard and pick an edible perennial, it's one of the concepts behind Forest Gardening, championed by guests Dave Jacke and Fred Meyer. Later in the hour, we'll hear about the "Fields of Opportunity" events in Waterloo, set for late March, which will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Bosnian resettlement in the Cedar Valley.

Heartland Portrait

Mar 15, 2010

IPR's Dennis Reese talks to Robert Wolf of Decorah, editor of the new anthology, "Heartland Portrait; Stories from the Rural Midwest." We'll also talk to contributors Mary Klauke and John Prestemon.

Hort Day

Mar 12, 2010

The "Hort Gang" returns from Iowa State University. Spring is about a week away and we're starting to think horticulture!

Home Improvement Day

Mar 11, 2010

We'll "deconstruct" on this edition of the program with Bill McAnally of Iowa Central Community College. The focus will be on dismantling buildings to create jobs, recycle waste and drastically reduce materials that would normally go to the landfill.

Politics Wednesday

Mar 10, 2010

IPR's Jonathan Ahl talks to Arnie Arnesen, New Hampshire political analyst, and Steffen Schmidt, Iowa State professor.

This month: Iowa's rabbits. They're an important part of Iowa's wild food chain and we'll find out about that role. Also, how to protect your garden and plants from their hearty and varied appetites.

Acedia & Me

Mar 8, 2010

Kathleen Norris, author of "The Cloister Walk" and "Amazing Grace" talks to IPR's Dennis Reese about her new book, the bestseller "Acedia & Me; a Marriage, Monks and a Writer's Life."

Hort Day

Mar 5, 2010

IPR's Julie Englander speaks with Richard Juron and other members of the horticulture gang from Iowa State University. Spring is three weeks away!

Tech Day

Mar 4, 2010

We'll hear the latest news about computers, smart phones, the internet, and all things technology with Jeffrey Balvanz of Iowa State University.

Politics Wednesday

Mar 3, 2010

IPR's Jonathan Ahl talks to Steffen Schmidt of Iowa State and Arnie Arnesen of New Hampshire's "Political Chowder."

We'll hear from the winners in several categories of Edible Iowa River Valley's "Local Food Heroes" awards, including: Jason Bandstra of Frisian Farms Gouda in Oskaloosa, Masae Judge and Harriet Woodford of Leaf Kitchen in Iowa City, Scott Ervin of Sutliff Cider, Lisbon and Laura Dowd of Local Foods Connection, Iowa City.

We hear about the UNI Museum's new exhibit, "Coffee: The World in Your Cup," from UNI Theatre Professor Carol Colburn, one of the first employees at the very first Starbucks store which opened in Seattle in 1971. Also, Iowa City consultant John Langhorne, Ph.D., discusses his new book "Beyond Luck: Practical Steps to Navigate the Path from Manager to Leader." (Corridor Media Group)

IPR's Jonathan Ahl speaks with Nancee Sobonya, filmmaker, director and producer "The Gifts of Grief." Sobonya has been working in the field of death and bereavement for the past 22 years.

We'll get an update on the restoration of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Park Inn, which will be open for business in Mason City in 2011. Also, Iowa is expecting its worst pothole season ever, Prof. Christopher Williams of Iowa State University will explain why.

Politics Wednesday

Feb 24, 2010

Steffen Schmidt of Iowa State University and Arnie Arnesen of New Hampshire's "Political Chowder" join IPR's Jonathan Ahl.

Robert Waggoner, our lucid dreams expert, will take a deeper look at dream telepathy. He says some scientific experiments appear to confirm its existence, only to become entangled by conflicting results by other experimenters.

Goodbye Ed, Hello Me

Feb 22, 2010

For National Eating Disorders Awareness week, we'll talk to Jenni Schaefer, bestselling author of "Life Without Ed," "Ed" is short for eating disorders.

Hort Gang!

Feb 19, 2010

IPR's Julie Englander speaks with members of the horticulture staff at Iowa State University. Spring is getting closer!

IPR's Dennis Reese talks to Lisa Ossian of Des Moines, author of "The Home Fronts of Iowa, 1939-1945," published by the University of Missouri Press.

Politics Wednesday

Feb 17, 2010

Steffen Schmidt of Iowa State University and Arnie Arnesen of "Political Chowder" are back for our weekly look at all things political.

We'll hear from University of Iowa graduate student Jennifer Percy. Her essay "Even in English, a Language Gap" was a "Modern Love Column" in a recent New York Times. Later, Jonathan Ahl speaks with Prof. Jeffrey Copeland of the University of Northern Iowa. His book, "Olivia's Story," deals with a landmark civil rights case that helped lead the way to fair and open housing.

We'll hear about some exciting news from two Iowa Cities and a look at spring events from Red Cedar Chamber Music of Marion, Iowa. Iowa City has hired its first director of "Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature," and Cedar Falls is in the running for first place as a "distinctive destination" for 2010 from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Word Maven, live!

Feb 12, 2010

Iowa native Pat O'Conner, author of "Woe is I, the Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English," takes your calls for the hour.

Home Improvement Day

Feb 11, 2010

Start planning now for spring projects with Bill McAnally of Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge.

Politics Day

Feb 10, 2010

Steffen Schmidt and Arnie Arnesen join IPR News Director Jonathan Ahl.