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Join us for a great evening of music that will take you back through the golden age of rock 'n' roll. Hosted by Bob Dorr, "Backtracks" delves into obscure rock 'n' roll history, giving Iowans a weekly, in-depth, researched picture of music that is at least 25 years old.

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Backtracks June 29

Jun 12, 2013

This week's show is a reprise of the April 13th show spotlighting my 45 rpm record collection. Pops and scratches at no extra cost!

Backtracks June 22

Jun 11, 2013

It's the return of LONG SONGS night! Every song is at least 8 1/2 minutes long. The entire two-hour show is covered by eight songs!

Backtracks June 15

Jun 11, 2013

It's an all new spotlight segment show including spots on 50s rock'n'roll women like Janis Martin and Colleen Carson; early 60s crossover artists Titus Turner and Tommy Tucker; a few more tracks from the new Duane Allman and Steve Stills box sets; and mid 70s tracks from Ry Cooder and Robert Palmer.

Backtracks June 8

Jun 6, 2013

Lots of spotlight segments including 50s Rock 'n' Roll duos; some early 60s instrumentals; a remembrance of Door's keyboard play Ray Manzerak and some summer songs by Mungo Jerry and Alice Cooper.

Backtracks June 1

May 28, 2013

Someone else picks out the tunes this week! Des Moines listener Sam Salomone shares his extensive 45 rpm record collection in hour #1 and Waterloo listener Gemma Hoyden shares her knowledge and personal library on the British Pub Rock scene of the 70s in hour #2

Backtracks May 25

May 19, 2013

It's the annual Memorial Day weekend remembrance edition of the show, remembering rock and rollers who have passed on during the last two years, including music by Annette, Reg Presley (Troggs singer) Ronnie Montrose, Jon Lord, Alvin Lee, and Tony Sheridan.

Backtracks May 18

May 16, 2013

Long promised, finally delivered! NO WORDS ALOUD! It's an all instrumental show from the twangy guitar of Duane Eddy, to 60s soul grooves, the Hippie jams and early electronica. Great music, NO words!

Backtracks May 11

May 9, 2013

Another spotlight segment show including Duos of the 50s like The Collins Kids and Shirley & Lee, some British Beat Bands of the 60s, plus some Iowa rock 'n' rollers including Truth & Janey and Madness. AND, the entire final hour is comprised of car songs, left over from last week's You Drive Me Crazy special.

Backtracks April 27

Apr 25, 2013

Lots of spotlight segments including Rockin' Women of the 50s like The Bobbettes and Brenda Lee, early vocal duets and duos, British Beat bands of the early 60s and some more of my vinyl 45rpm records including a half-hour of Iowa rock'n'rollers like The Neoterics and Midnight Sam

Backtracks April 13

Apr 11, 2013

All the music on this week's show comes directly from the original vinyl 45 rpm record (pops and scratches at no extra charge!) including singles by The Syndicate of Sound, The Turtles, Desmond Dekker & The Aces, The Trashmen, Badfinger, and The Mc Coys.

Lots of spotlight segments including Rockin' Women of the 50s, some more song comparisons, British Beat of the early 60s (pre British Invasion) some more of my 45 rpm "rekid" collection, and a few selections from the new Duane Allman Restrospective box set.

LOTS of spotlight segments including 45rpm records from my personal collection (pops and scratches at no extra charge!); more song comparisons between the hit versions and the original not so famous versions; and some tracks from the new 7-CD Duane Allman Retrospective Boxset.

A spotlight segment show including rock 'n' roll duets & duos of the 50s, some more song comparisons between the hit version and it's not so famous original version, some Irish rockers in celebration of St. Patrick's Day weekend and tributes to recently passed English guitar heros Alvin Lee and Peter Banks.

It's a LIVE fundraising edition of the show! Music segments include spotlights on "50s Girls", "Duets in Rock'n'Roll History", some "Hippie 60s On Vinyl" and some listener picks that have come in via email in recent weeks. Hopefully IPR's Music Director Al Schares and I will be reading your name and thanking you on-air for your financial pledge in support of this locally produced rock'n'roll history show. Pledge at 800-971-8815 or

It's an all new potpourri spotlight segment show including spotlights on rock'n'roll duets of the 50s, some early 60s releases from the vaults of ABC-Paramount Records, some song comparisons between the hit version and the NOT so famous original version, and lots and lots of listener suggestions leftover from last week's Listener Picks show.

A combination of new acquisitions and listener picks. The show needs to be prerecorded by Wednesday night 2/20, so if you have song suggestions, get them to me by then!

Three times the fun! A 3-fers edition of the show gives us 3 songs by each featured band or artist.

An all new spotlight segment show with rockabilly music originally released on the Capitol label in the 50s, including songs by Gene Vincent and Wanda Jackson plus British Invasion sounds of The Pretty Things and The Mersey Beats and some women who rocked the 80s like Chrissie Hynde and Annie Lennox. And that's just in the FIRST hour!

Women in rock'n'roll history with a special half hour devoted to Shaun Murphy

Because of some construction updates going on at the IPR Cedar Falls studios, I'm unable to do a LIVE edition of Backtracks this month, but that's not stopping us from a "listener picks" version of the show. It's music suggested by listeners via email, Facebook, US Mail, and phone message this week!

It's a Spotlight Segment edition of the program, changing focus about every 15 minutes. Included are spotlights on the rockabilly music released on the Imperial label in the 50s; some more song comparisons between the hit version and it's NOT SO familiar original version; and a bunch of leftovers from last week's Birthday Party Special.

It's my party and I'll play what I want to! My annual birthday show includes early 60s Dance Craze songs, LOTS of British Invasion tunes, late 60s soul music and early 70s Hippie jams.

It's time for the annual Elvis Presley Special (Jan. 6 is his birthday) Hits, live recordings, songs from his movies, interviews with fans and even a few words from Ed Sullivan in 1957!

A "best of" spotlight segment show including 50s rockabilly and vocal groups, some more comparisons of hit songs and their not so familiar original versions, and a whole lot of 60s/70s collector's vinyl from IPR's Studio One library.

It's a rock'n'roll Christmas party! Songs for the season by The Cadillacs, James Brown, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Jan & Dean, Otis Redding, Squeeze, XTC and many more. Happy Holidays!

It's the last all new spotlight segment edition of Backtracks for the year. Including 50s rockabilly from Laura Lee Perkins and Bob Luman, some rockin' Christmas songs from Darlene Love, Jimi Hendrix, and Fishbone AND listener suggestions leftover from the 12/8 LIVE show.

It's the monthly LIVE show! In addition to listener picks, we'll hear rockabilly music from the Capitol lable in the 50s, some rock 'n' roll Christmas songs, and a few tunes from yet another Warner Bros. sampler record that I recently added to my own collection. Advance requests: or call during the program 800-772-2440 ext. 5

It's an all vinyl show spotlighting records that I found in the IPR library while trying to find all the listener suggestions during the recent live shows. If obscure music on vinyl is your thing, this is the show for you, including music by Trooper, Barrabas, Redbone, and Ian Lloyd & Stories.

This show originally aired 6/16/12

It's the annual Thanksgiving Leftovers show! Music originally selected for past show spotlights that never made those programs including songs from the Rockabilly Essentials series, some late 60s British psychedelia, and LOTS and LOTS pf listener suggestions leftover from the live show of two weeks ago.

It's a Best of Spotlight Segment show. Hour #1 was originally aired 4/9/11 and spotlights the 50s R & B roots of rock'n'roll with George Jackson and The Tibbs Bros, some rare early Johnny Cash and the West Coast sounds of Johnny Otis and Louis Prima. Hour #2, originally aired 10/1/11, spotlights late 60s and early 70s Progressive Rock including Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Wishbone Ash