Wildlife Day: Paddling Down Iowa's Waterways

Aug 12, 2014

So far this summer, wildlife biologist Jim Pease has paddled hundreds of miles down Iowa’s waterways to gather biological data for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Today on Talk of Iowa, he shares his experience.

Wildlife biologist Jim Pease

Guest host Emily Woodbury talks with Jim about the many surprising things he has seen along the river banks, including the number of owls he saw sitting on the river bank during the daytime. Also joining the conversation is John Wenck, Water Trails Coordinator of the DNR, who says that paddling Iowa’s rivers is "like seeing Iowa for the first time."

They both hope that this project provides incentive for people to get out and enjoy Iowa's rivers the way they were meant to be enjoyed. They want to provide resources for Iowans who are interested in paddling and nature gazing, as well as information on how to become a more responsible river user.

Willows and silver maple trees line the river edge of Exchange Park.
Credit Jim Pease