Which Bills Survived Funnel Week?

Feb 24, 2014

Last week was "funnel week" at the statehouse.  Now bills that couldn't make it through committee stand little chance of becoming law this session as lawmakers shift their focus to legislation that has more momentum to pass this year.  However many of these issues might be revived in future legislative sessions.

Host Clay Masters speaks with Democratic Senator Chris Brase of Muscatine about a bill that would have barred audio of emergency-911 phone calls from public record.  Also Representatives Peter Cownie, R.-West Des Moines, and Bruce Hunter, D.-Des Moines, discuss bills that would have required more in-home daycares to register with the state and lessened the penalty of marijuana possession.

Additionally IPR’s statehouse correspondent Joyce Russell, Catherine Lucey of the Associated Press and Lee Enterprises Iowa bureau chief join Mike Wiser offer analysis.