What's on Lawmakers' Agendas for the Rest of the 2017 Legislative Session?

Mar 6, 2017

Iowa lawmakers are quickly moving several high profile bills to Governor Terry Branstad's desk. During this hour of River to River, Iowa Public Radio’s Dean Borg talks with statehouse reporters about what’s happened so far this session and the live wire politics surrounding what still remains.

Iowa Public Radio’s Joyce Russell, James Lynch of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Bill Petroski of the Des Moines Register, and Kay Henderson of Radio Iowa join the conversation. 

Lawmakers are past the first administrative deadline of the session. Bills that would create a personhood  amendment, effectively make abortion illegal; and a bill that would bring back the death penalty, aren't moving forward. But, bills that would mandate voter IDs, ban abortion after 20 weeks and expand gun laws in the state, are still on the table.