What Does Don Gonyea Know About Ioway, Anyway?

Oct 7, 2014

NPR political correspondent Don Gonyea has spent many years in Iowa, covering political races and the Iowa caucuses; but can he reach the status of "honorary Iowan?"

Taped in December 2013 as part of the IPR Insight Series, this is a special edition of River to River with NPR’s Don Gonyea, recorded before a live audience in Des Moines. Host Ben Kieffer tests Gonyea’s Iowa knowledge with a bit of trivia. To listen to the entire interview and live event, visit here.

Special thanks to IPR listeners who submitted questions and answers for the trivia portion of the event: Larry Keig, Dave Perkins, Eve Vanden Broek, Devin Mogler, Jennifer Nieland, Ned Peterson, Maeve Clark, Leo Landis, Tom Wickersham