Warmth and Moisture Crucial to Spring Seed Germination

Mar 2, 2018

On this Talk of Iowa, Charity Nebbe talks with Linda Naeve, ISU Extension Value Added Agriculture Program Specialist, about taking our seed starting skills to the next level. It helps to start with the right medium.

"We recommend you go to the garden center and invest in a seed-starting mix," Naeve says. "A soil-less media that contains peat, perhaps vermiculite, very fine medium. That medium drains well."

"Don't fill your packs of your starting container with the medium and then sow the seeds, because the medium is always very dry when it comes," Naeve says. "The best thing to do is wet it ahead of time before you sow the seed."

Naeve and Richard Jauron, ISU Extension Horticulture Specialist, talk about different kinds of soil mixes, containers, heating mats, and lights. They also answer listeners' questions about plants and trees.