Virtual Reality Comes to Apartment Shopping

Feb 22, 2017

A new technology sweeping the real estate market is hitting Des Moines. Virtual reality tours show finished living quarters while they’re still under construction.

Jeff Koch of Roers Investments wears a set of virtual reality goggles at the company's upscale apartment complex, Confluence on Third.
Credit Rob Dillard, Iowa Public Radio

Minnesota-based Roers Investments now offers potential downtown apartment dwellers a chance to see what they would be renting before the construction dust clears. Virtual reality devices can now lead prospective tenants of the company’s upscale Confluence on Third project on a tour of the completed building. Jeff Koch with Roers says the new marketing tool is revolutionizing the real estate industry.

“It’s really allowed us to help tenants visualize before the project’s even completed the finished product,” he says.

He says potential renters can take the tour from anywhere. All they need is a set of virtual reality goggles, a smart phone and a link to the Roers web site. 

“This allows us to fully immerse somebody into a room where they see what it’s going to look like from a finished product standpoint, so it’s truly revolutionary,” he says.

Virtual tours began to hit the real estate market in early 2016 and are starting to gain a following in some major metropolitan areas.