Vice President Biden Kicks off Nuns on a Bus Tour

Sep 17, 2014


Vice President Joe Biden speaking on the steps of the Iowa Capitol during the kick off for the “Nuns on the Bus” tour that will focus on voter registration.
Credit Photo by John Pemble

The social activist group Nuns on the Bus got a boost today for their 36 city tour to encourage voter registration.  They are launching the trip from Des Moines accompanied by Vice-President Joe Biden.  Speaking from the terrace of the State Capitol, Biden calls for the raising of the minimum wage.  “The middle class is in real trouble.  It was devastated by this recession.  It was already losing ground the previous ten years.” says Biden.


Biden, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, arrives in Iowa three days after Hillary Clinton’s return to the political stage in this state.  The Washington Post reports he rescheduled east coast events to come to here this week.