USDA Provides Grants For More Ethanol Pumps

Sep 10, 2015

Soon across Iowa, the Midwest, and parts of the west and south, it will be more convenient for drivers to fill their tanks with ethanol-blended gasoline. The USDA is providing $100 million in matching grants to 21 states, to expand the number of pumps that can dispense gasoline with higher blends of the bio fuel.

While many gas stations can only accommodate blends of 10 percent ethanol, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack says cites several benefits to expanding ethanol accessibility.  

"We create additional, ongoing incentives to provide choice, less expensive fuel and energy and more export opportunities," he says.

Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois are the largest producers of ethanol nationwide. The USDA estimates that grants will support new pumps at more than 1,400 fueling stations across the country, including 187 pumps in Iowa.