'An Undying Spirit' Chronicles Life with Cancer

Jun 15, 2015

When Abbey Almelien Banh was diagnosed with sarcoma, she knew she had a very small chance of recovery. But that didn't stop her from making the most out of her last five years. She took the time to travel with her husband Luong Banh, camp with her family, and keep her loved ones updated on her progress through a blog.

Now her mother, Molly Iverson, has published those updates in the book "Love, Abbey: A Memoir of an Undying Spirit." She says her daughter was insistent on her family living life fully until the very end.

"Before she died, she made our whole family sign up for the Courage Ride which is a fundraiser for sarcoma. [...] She died on a Saturday morning and the ride was the next week. Her funeral was Friday and we all rode on Saturday."

In this edition of Talk of Iowa, host Charity Nebbe talks with Iverson about her daughter. "Love Abbey" is available at teamabbey.org. 

Later in the conversation, Jim Autry talks about his book of new and selected poetry "On Paying Attention."