Grassley Hasn't Heard Discord About Trump’s Debt Ceiling Agreement With Democrats

Sep 12, 2017

Iowa’s senior senator, Republican Chuck Grassley, says he hasn’t heard any discord from his colleagues about President Trump cutting a deal with congressional Democrats to increase the debt ceiling for the next three months.

This surprise move gives Democrats leverage for future negotiations and some speculate Trump was signaling displeasure with Republicans. But Grassley isn’t hearing grumbling.

"I attend Republican caucuses, and steering committee meetings and other meetings of just Republicans," he says. "I have not had any oral discussion with any senator on that subject. Which leads me to believe that maybe it’s overplayed in the media. But I can’t measure that for you."

Grassley adds while he would have preferred Trump not side with the Democrats on the debt ceiling, he doesn’t blame Trump for being dissatisfied with congressional Republicans, especially after the failure to repeal Obamacare.