Two Sports to Enjoy for a Lifetime

Mar 3, 2015

There's two sports that are about as different from each other as you can get, but who have dedicated participants for life: bicycling and archery.

This hour, we hear about some dedicated practitioners: first, Dr. Oscar Beasley, author of "Bicycling: A Lifelong Means of Staying Fit."  The retired Iowa City physician, now in his late 80's, didn't become a dedicated cyclist until he was 46 years old.   But since then, in over four decades, he's pedaled thousands of miles around the world, often by himself.  Besides helping him to stay fit and enjoy a long life, Dr. Beasley says the cycling trips have also given him an opportunity to take many wonderful photographs and meet many new friends.

Later in the hour, Charity speaks with two enthusiastic participants in Iowa high school archery competition, Brianna Erickson and Taylor Hall of Johnston High School and their coach, Dave Beason.  We also talk to Donise Petersen, Outreach Coordinator for the Iowa DNR.