Trump's Latest Picks Add Diversity to Appointees

Nov 23, 2016

After choosing men for four of his first appointments to his Cabinet and advisers, Donald Trump appointed two women to positions today: Republican philanthropist Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as the ambassador to the United Nations. 

Haley, in particular, came as a surprise as she was a vocal critic of Trump during the campaign. Steffen Schmidt, university professor of political science at Iowa State University, says this appointment could be seen as an olive branch.

"He certainly, by receiving her and inviting her, is showing that 'It was all campaign stuff. We all fight with each other. Now, I've got to put together a team of people that can perform and that is efficient and effective.'"

In this hour of River to River, host Emily Woodbury talks with Schmidt and Jeff Taylor, professor of political science at Dordt College, about the appointments and other political news of the week.