Trump Visits Fort Dodge

Nov 13, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took his campaign to Fort Dodge Thursday night, for his first Iowa appearance since being assigned a Secret Service detail. The real estate mogul spoke to a crowd of roughly 1,700 people at Central Iowa Community College.

Trump took some swipes at the media and its lukewarm reviews of his performance in the latest GOP debate, citing his favorable rankings in online polls.

"They had all these polls, like six or seven of them, and I won them all," said Trump. "And then I turn on the television. 'How did Trump do?' 'Oh, he was OK. He was very low key. He was very low key. I don't know.' I say, 'Low key?' I'm screaming at Kasich. Right? I'm telling Carly, what ever the hell her name is, Fiorina, I'm saying, 'Will you stop cutting in?'"

Trump also said that rival Marco Rubio was, “weak like a baby" on immigration, that penalties for crossing the U.S. border illegally are not harsh enough, and that U.S. policies are too inviting for unauthorized immigrants.