Trump Uses Snake Tale To Illustrate His Policy Toward Syrian Refugees

Jan 13, 2016

Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump made a single stop in Iowa Tuesday, and used it to say America’s foreign policy has failed. He referred to the news that Iran was holding 10 U.S. Navy personnel after one of their boats had crossed into Iranian waters as an indication of where the U.S. is going as a nation. He also read a poem about a snake that was cold and brought in by a woman, only to bite her. He used it to defend to his policy to temporarily turn away Syrian refugees seeking entry into the U.S.

“You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in,” he read.  “Does that makes sense? I read it and I just put it together, we have no idea who we are taking in.

Trump spoke for a little more than a half hour to a packed gymnasium on the University of Northern Iowa campus.  He spent the first five minutes of his appearance reading the results of numerous political polls that show him leading by varying amounts.  He also said Iowans need to do a better job of making him the front runner in this state.

Trump told the crowd he’s looking forward to being the Republican party’s nominee.

“If I run, let’s assume it’ll be Hillary [Clinton], although she should be in prison in all fairness, I dream of running against Bernie [Sanders],” he said to laughter from the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen my name is Bernie Sanders, I’m going to raise your taxes to 90-percent.”

Trump acknowledged that Sanders is a Socialist but said Sanders could also be a Communist.  Trump also said GOP rival Texas Senator Ted Cruz has a problem because he was born in Canada and questioned whether he is eligible to be president. Trump also predicted that because he’s in the race he will increase voter turnout.