Trump Rallies Supporters In Iowa City

Jan 27, 2016

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s half-hour rally in the University of Iowa Field House Tuesday night was frequently interrupted by chirping whistles and protest placards.  Each time, Tump paused, frequently yelling, “Get ‘em out!”

Trump opened the rally by parading members of the UI’s football and wrestling squads across the stage. He also pledged allegiance to Iowa by supporting ethanol and keeping Iowa’s presidential preference caucuses first in the nation.

He made no mention of his announcement earlier in the day, that he would not participate in Thursday night's Republican debate in Des Moines, hosted by Fox News.

Trump said his lead over other candidates in several voter polls is “almost embarrassing”, adding that rival Texas Senator Ted Cruz is, “like a nervous wreck because he’s dropping like a rock.” Trump called candidate, Jeb Bush, “low energy,” adding, “you fall asleep looking at him.

Hillary Clinton didn’t escape Trump’s review, saying she “should be going to jail.”

He told the audience of some two-thousand people standing shoulder to shoulder across six basketball courts, “I want to win Iowa. Because if we win Iowa, we’re going to win New Hampshire…we’re going to win South Carolina. We’re going to run the table. We may be the first one to win every single state. Iowa is so important. So…are you ready? I love you all. February first. You’ve got to get out. You’re going to be so damn proud of your country.”