Traffic Fatalities Slightly Higher in 2014

Dec 31, 2014

The Iowa Department of Transportation is reporting 321 traffic related deaths in 2014, or four more than last year.

Tracey Bramble of the Iowa DOT says smart decisions go a long way in safe driving.

"People need to slow down, drive sober, focus on the road, don’t use your distractions, don’t use your phone, that type of thing, stay alert, don’t drive while you’re drowsy," Bramble says. "And the biggest things is buckle up...every time, in every seat."

November 2014 had the most fatalities since 2010, but December 2014 saw a five-year-low in traffic deaths.

Though she acknowledges that it may sound unrealistic, Bramble says it's the Iowa DOT's goal for 2015 to be a year free of traffic fatalities.